Sunday, January 13, 2008


Wow, what a year!

I inhaled way too many fumes and dust building and testing prototye soles, made some great new friends and enjoyed some very close scrutiny from both Nike and ASICS.

Next year I am determined to get back to basics and fit a bit more running into my busy schedule!

It has been an interesting year for watching the scientific debate unfold. Dr Benno Nigg (Human Performance Laboratory, Calgary) was at it again at the recent Sports Medicine Australia conference pointing out the obvious- that 25 years focussing on cushioning and motion control hasn't actually made any difference to injury rates.

The anthropologists have been pointing out for some years that we are not designed to heel strike, but very few have translated this into practice. Coaches such as Dr Romanov (Pose Running) & Danny Dreyer (Chi running) have been the pioneers.

Running shoes designed for a mid-foot strike are on their way, but why have they taken so long? Have the shoe companies been blinded by their own marketing?

Irrespective, the path ahead is clear. We are headed for a period of de-evolution, where rather than seeking to deliberately change the foot's function, shoes will built to minimise the disruption they cause, allowing the body to do what it has been doing for millenia.... carrying us over long distances at speed!

A warm & peaceful Xmas to you all